Monday, May 17, 2010

Fighting (2009)

A couple years ago, for my birthday, a friend of mine and I tried to get tickets to the fantabulous Broadway show In the Heights. We lost the lottery for the matinee and we were sad. Then, we found a fountain, made a wish, and that night, we won the lottery and saw the show front and center. It was a fun birthday.

That fountain is the setting for the first scene in Fighting. That scene is the only scene I didn’t find excruciatingly boring and you know why? Because it was our magic fountain.

The plot was absurd – I think protagonist Sean had a troubled past with a racist fighting coach father or something. And Terrance Howard was speaking with the most irritating affectation. Maybe he was going for a Chicago accent, but it sounded more like he was imitating a Rain Man.

However, I’m actually a fan of Channing Tatum. I don’t think he’s Brando and I can’t claim he’d feel at home doing Shakespeare in the Park, but he’s good at streetwise tough guy. Solider, fighter, street dancer (?) – these movies don’t suck because of him. They’re watchable because of him. And – who can argue with the below?

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