WTF is This Blog About?

I watch a lot of movies. Partly because I love movies and partly because I'm an aspiring screenwriter. Or maybe it's just because I don't want to cancel my Netflix account and the only way to make it count is to use it like crazy. So - when I see a movie, I write about it. I write about movies I've seen before, movies I've written about before, new movies and old movies. This is mainly for my own entertainment, although if it entertains you too I'm very pleased to hear it.

So often someone says to me, "Have you seen X?" And I say, "I think so... Is that the one where the guy does the thing with the girl who is doing that other thing?" And they say, "No. That's Y. This is X" And I say, "Wait! The one with the girl who does that crazy thing where it's really sad at the end?" And they say, "Yeah, that one!" And I say, "Yeah, I think I saw X. But  I don't really remember it." End scene.

Well, iWatch makes it stick. If I write about it, I remember it. And even if I don't, I have a growing personal IMDb that I can look it up on.

I also believe in brevity. Whether or not it's the soul of wit, it's a must. I hate reviews that go on and on and on. I only have so much time in life and I assume you're the same way.

So stop by frequently. Discuss with me! Tell me I'm crazy - I LOVE to argue.

By the way, X and Y are two of my all time favorite flicks.