Thursday, July 29, 2010

Peacock (2010)

Peacock was almost awesome. I think the script was probably really great - creepy, full of psychological horrors, and clever in a way that few movies dare to try. However, the execution just wasn't there.

I always feel bad about saying mean things about a movie after I've watched the special features. Everyone tried so hard. But the biggest, crater sized, grand canyon of an issue with this movie is obvious to anyone with eyes. Quick mention of what this movie is about first.

Cillian Murphy plays Emma and John. John is this dude who was abused like crazy as a young'un in by his mom (who I'm pretty sure is voiced by Sally Field although she isn't given credit). So, when she dies, poor John goes mental and gets all personality split. He becomes Emma - the chick of the house - who cooks his food, does his laundry, and does the cleaning. He doesn't remember what he does as Emma and Emma doesn't remember what John does as John. Eventually, Emma becomes a problem for John as she does things he doesn't want her to do.

Spotted the problem? Check out the pics. How difficult would it have been to give John some glasses and a hat? Or give Emma some glasses and a hat? Yes, her makeup is soft and lovely. Yes, the clothes look homemade and somewhat cover the adam's apple situation. But everyone in that town with eyes would know. It's absurd to try and convince us otherwise. The super super super easy fix would have been to keep our town characters separate. Only let the town newbies ever see Emma. But alas. We watch these scenes completely incredulous that we're meant to buy what's going on. It ruins what could be a fun ride otherwise.

Cillian Murphy is phenomenal 100% of the time. He rocks both roles and does what he can to make us believe people would think these were two separate individuals. But he can't hide that he's Cillian Murphy and that's the problem. Ellen Page is also in this, Canadian accenting her way through. I don't think I'd mind hanging out with her in reality, but she's Juno in every role she takes.

I'm telling you, this script was a clever idea. It has to be the one and only reason this film attracted the talent it did. I wish it had worked out better for everyone.

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