Thursday, July 22, 2010

Jesus' Son (1999)

There are two chunks of Jesus' Son that I loved. The first is when Billy Crudup's character meets Samantha Morton's character. She's dancing to Sweet Pea by Tommy Roe and she's dancing like a crazy person. It's cute - she's immediately endearing. And it's a way I've never seen Samantha Morton behave before. Five minutes later I was downloading Sweet Pea.

The other is a freaked out comedic sequence. Billy Crudup works at a hospital with Jack Black and a man comes in with a knife through his eye. It's creepy, it's funny, and it's weird. Then, Billy Crudup and Jack Black go for a drive. When Jack Black hits a rabbit with his car, he's going to skin and eat it, but rather delivers its babies - still alive. Billy Crudup's attempt to keep them alive is hilarious. It made me want to jump right into the screen and hug him.

His character is a guy with good intentions who just can't get his stuff together. Things are always going wrong, people are always getting angry at him, he's always screwing something up. You feel for the guy.

The movie is episodic and dances all over the place. It doesn't do so accidentally - it's meant to be a stream of consciousness sort of thing. This tactic will undoubtably work better for some than others. I didn't love the movie but I did enjoy meeting all the characters. It's a odd film.

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