Thursday, June 10, 2010

Cocktail (1988)

Ahh, Cocktail. This movie gets a bad wrap. My defense always hinges on the fact that Brian Brown is in it and Brian Brown is fantastic. I don’t know if that’s much of a defense, but it’s really the best I got.

Tom Cruise is Tom Cruisey and when we’re talking about actor Tom Cruise and not reality Tom Cruise, being Tom Cruisey is a good thing. And come on, how stellar is the twist that Elizabeth Shue is actually rich? Like, M. Night Shyamalan territory, right?

And the dialogue!

Brian: “Why did you even tell me about the baby?”
Jordan: “Because I knew it would be the best way to get you out of my life.”

Deep, man.

If I may, let me take this moment to recommend A Town Like Alice – a fantastic 1981 mini-series starring Brian Brown. It’s really good. Check it out.

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