Saturday, November 6, 2010

Dawn of the Dead (2004)

My god, was this movie dumb. I love a good zombie movie as much as the next guy, but the key word there is good. This movie is not not not not not good. First off, there are way too many characters. Any respectable horror movie watcher knows from the time the second wave of people show up, they're only there to die gruesome bloody deaths. Deaths we won't care about. Yes - the chain saw bit is gross. I'll give them gross points. But throwing chainsaws and blood at people isn't impressive.

Second, there are no bad humans. Not really, anyway. Bad not-zombies is important. A movie where ALL the bad guys are just creatures is never going to be as good as human vs. human. Dawn of the Dead remake, take a hint from 28 Days Later.

I've never seen the original Dawn of the Dead and perhaps I need to. According to Ebert, there's all sorts of consumerism humor due to their shopping mall environment. And bad not-zombies.

I think I've made my opinion pretty clear with this one. Dumb. End of story.

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